Richard Blackford

Not In Our Time


"Fiercely paced and vividly dramatic, it's a huge sing and a grateful one. Blackford has proceeded fearlessly, intuitively, but with confidence in his own craft. Which is considerable. Not In Out Time is a terrific piece whose textual content may cause choirs and audiences to think: is this for us? Emphatically it is."

Michael White
The Telegraph

Not In Our Time - a centenary commission for the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus - premiered at the 2011 Cheltenham Festival on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, and explores the concept of religion as a pretext for war with 21st Century texts juxtaposed with those of the First Crusade, 1000 years before.


Not In Our Time, featuring the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus and Youth Chorus, with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Paul Nilon Tenor, Stephen Gadd Baritone, and Gavin Carr Conductor, is available on CD from Nimbus Records. You can purchase it here. You can also purchase the album on iTunes.