Richard Blackford

Instrumental Works


"This is a really enjoyable disc containing four memorable and entertaining pieces. The performances are all expertly done with fine contributions from the soloists."

John Whitmore
MusicWeb International

“I am a comparative latecomer to writing instrumental music, having devoted most of my creative life to choral and vocal composition. The works on this CD are all written over the last decade, with the exception of my Violin Concerto which plunders material from an incomplete Violin Sonata written when I was eighteen.

As well as the Violin Concerto this CD includes: my darkly chromatic Clarinet Quintet, The Better Angels Of Our Nature, a short concerto for oboe and strings; and Goodfellow, for flute, oboe and piano. They are presented chronologically and I hope the listener will detect a logical sequence in their development.”

Richard Blackford


Clarinet Quintet
Extract 01

Clarinet Quintet
Extract 02

Violin Concerto


You can purchase this collection of Richard Blackford's instrumental works on CD from Nimbus Records. You can also purchase the album on iTunes.